T2W1-(Practical) Android Malware Analysis presented at BSidesUK 2015

by Paul Amar,

Summary : Limited Capacity full
This hands-on workshop will give you the basics to reverse Android malwares that you might spot in the wild.
We'll start by a quick introduction about the DEX format, Dalvik and Smali assembly.
Afterwards, we will focus on Static (dex2jar, baksmali, androguard, jd-gui/jadx, ..) and Dynamic (DroidBox, Cydia Substrate) analysis.
The next step will be to know where to retrieve fresh samples to work on, but also getting involved in such community .
To conclude, we prepared a small Capture-The-Flag with specially crafted APKs to play with and gain access to the C2C panel. Get ready!
Workshop requirements Laptop with latest version of Virtualbox. We will provide you a VM image to load with all the tools ready.
Tags Any Geek, Difficulty Level 3, Hackers, Pentesters