T3W1-Return-Oriented Programming Primer presented at BSidesUK 2015

by Bas Berg,

Summary : Limited Capacity filling up
I've been involved in the VulnHub CTF team for quite a while and got acquainted with return-oriented programming (ROP) via CTF challenges. For the CTF team, I delivered a ROP primer, which was well received. Furthermore, I participated in a workshop at BSides London last year and I really enjoyed it. I would love to combine these two experiences in a ROP workshop! In this workshop, I would like to discuss return-oriented programming on 32-bit Linux and how to code exploits using this technique. After a short presentation and an example, the workshop will focus on writing a ROP exploit from scratch. I would like to do this as interactively as possible, so I've prepared a virtual machine with three binaries to be exploited using ROP. Participants are therefore urged to bring a laptop :)
Workshop requirements Laptop with software to run a virtual machine Internet connection would be great if possible (but not strictly mandatory) Desire to learn how to ROP *and* have fun ;)
Tags Any Geek, Audience: Pentesters, Audience: Techies, Difficulty Level 3, Geek Fun track