T1W1-Breaking In to Pentesting: Student Edition presented at BSidesUK 2015

by Steve Lord,

Summary : Limited Capacity seats available
Are you a student looking to take the leap to becoming a penetration tester? Perhaps you're a fourth year who's looking at what to do next, or maybe you're a third year who's thinking about what to do for their final project. Well I've got good news, you're probably going to get a job. The cyber security gravy train has rolled into town and everyone's getting a ticket.
But will you get a good job? One that's right for you?
Should you go to the same place your friends who graduated last year went to? Is what's right for them right for you?
ho should you speak to? How should you approach them about work?
This workshop is aimed at penultimate and final year students, specifically at helping them take that first step into the pentesting industry. If you want to get into pentesting when you finish Uni, this workshop is for you. If you want to get into a technical non-pentesting role, then the things taught in this workshop will still apply to you.
What's taught in this workshop? This:
How to make yourself visible to employers, the right way
* How to research potential employers and find a good match
* How to differentiate peer pressure from an informed judgement about what's right for you
Bonus round for 3rd years:
* How to find out what you really want to do
* How to use your university experience to build a career before you graduate
Bonus round for graduates:
* How to manage your finances for your first proper job
I can't promise to get you a job, let alone the job you actually want but we can work through the above and if at least one of us is paying attention then you'll probably come out of this with an idea of how to get better prepared for your career ahead. Very few people plan for their career, but by doing it from the start you'll be in control of your career, rather than the other way around.