Reversing for Fun: How to Pick a Victim presented at BSidesUK 2015

by Rory Alsop, Feargus Pendlebury,

Summary : More and more devices once considered boring now bear marketing boasts that are music to the ears of mischief-makers: "WiFi to connect to your home!", "Powerful system on a chip!", "USB ports for easy maintenance". You'd think picking one device from the smörgåsbord of targets would be easy, but it can be more challenging than it sounds. Especially for those new to reversing looking to get some practice.
This talk explores the options when there's no concrete goal and no paycheck at the end of it. What things to look for in a victim? How to plan the early stages of a reversing attempt? And most importantly, how to balance the risk of wasting days on an impenetratable device versus discovering something really cool?