T3W2-Dradis Framework 3.0 - We are back! presented at BSidesUK 2015

by Daniel P. Martin,

Summary : Limited Capacity seats available
After a three years of hiatus and six months in the making, there is a new version of Dradis packed with new features and power:
* We've got a new look and feel
* We've introduced the concept of Issues and Evidence (instead of having just notes), for cleaner organisation and reporting
* The code is cleaner, more modular and easier to maintain.
* We have extracted each of our tool connectors into their own repositories.
* We've improved the installation process: download one file and run. As good as it sounds.
In this workshop we'll cover the new stuff we've introduced including interface walkthrough, new plugins, extensibility and creating your own plugins. Getting Dradis up and running in your laptop, day-to-day use, etc.
All hands on, bring your laptop and exit the workshop with Dradis installed and configured, and armed with knowledge of how to extend it and make the most out of the new features.
Note to organisers: we've run a 1h workshop in the past, which is typically well attended, but doesn't leave much room for people to get the stuff done in their laptops and cover all the *theory*, so this year I'd like to request a 2h slot to make sure we can get down to the specifics for all attendees.