My love-hate affair with Security Operations presented at BSidesUK 2015

by Javvad Malik,

Summary : I started my career in security operations. It was great - the world was at my fingertips with full admin rights across every single windows NT domain, RACF instance, Tandem, Unix and SQL box… it didn't matter that I never always fully knew what I was doing. The rush of making changes to the firewall in production in order to resolve a P1 incident was unmatched. I was like Eliot Ness, I was untouchable!
That was, until the business became overly reliant on its IT systems and any minor outage caused by me or my colleagues would escalate into a colossal f-up. We were unprepared, unplanned and caught with our pants down.
Many years after my SecOps days and much therapy later I'm coming clean about my love-hate affair with secops. The shady dealings, the password-resets for favours and how I escaped the life of lies.
This talk may include bad language, and recollections of violence - attendee discretion is advised!