Updating the Future presented at BSidesUK 2015

by David Rogers,

Summary : Software updates are a nightmare. For users, for manufacturers and also for the hacking community. That zero day that gets binned after months of effort can really be upsetting. Or something.
Mobile phone software updates are difficult. Deploying to millions of users on fragmented platforms across networks that can be very limited is just plain hard. Put mobile network operators and a bunch of other stakeholders in the mix and it gets even worse. So how can we make it better? Do we have to submit to a vertical supply chain dominated by one vendor and their whims? Are users being deliberately sacrificed because end-of-lifing a product or platform is cheap? What about the device? Can we or should we even trust it? What is an acceptable time to fix?
The mobile industry is working on this, but it isn't easy. This talk discusses the many challenges and what solutions are being proposed. It also takes a look at what requirements are necessary for updating constrained devices in both the Internet of Things and Automotive.