The Hacker Community is Dead! Long Live the Hacker Community! presented at CircleCityCon 2015

by Bruce Potter,

Summary : The hacker community as we know it is dead. Gone are the days of massive 0-day dropping at conferences, believing our handles keep us anonymous, and the free sharing of information that was a core part of the hacker community. Now that cybersecurity news stories are an above the fold topic and more researchers being bound by NDA’s, employment agreements, and a sense of “responsible disclosure,” our community has entered a new era.
So what? Being grumpy about change is counter-productive. What is important, however, is understanding what we’ve lost in the change and what characteristics of the old school hacker community we should strive to keep as this evolution continues. Maintaining and fostering free flows of information and public discourse while preventing outside entities from co-opting and overregulating our work is critical to ensuring we can continue to “hack all the things” and make the world a more secure place. This talk will examine the last 20 years of hacker culture and draw out these important characteristics through examples and case studies. The talk will also present tactical advice for the audience on how to carry these ideas forward into the ever-evolving community around us.