Can Encryption Save the World? presented at CopenhagenCybercrimeConfrence 2015

by Peter Landrock,

Summary : There is only one way to protect data: Using cryptographic techniques, be it for authentication, integrity or confidentiality. And we do have sufficiently strong publically known algorithms, but too many implementations have bad random bit generators or other short comings and thus completely fail their intended purpose. From time to time, discussions evolve around the other side of the coin: Encryption can also be used by e.g. criminals and terrorists. Not least because of this there will from time to time be attempts to limit the widespread use of encryption, which in the USA is classified as weapons of so-called second degree, and in the late 90’ties there were strong attempts to limit its general availability, led by USA, but the attitude changed a few years later. The problem now appears to be a hot topic again, and we shall discuss to what extent attempts to limitations could be successful at all and whether certain algorithms have so-called trapdoors that can be used by e.g. law enforcement agencies – for noble but alas as well for less noble purposes, it appears.