Waterfall Computing – Creating Value in the Absence of Big Data presented at CopenhagenCybercrimeConfrence 2015

by Paul A. Vixie,

Summary : Buzzword compatible Internet security startups like to talk about their Big Data Stack. But just because we've been processing data by putting it into databases and running queries in arrears since the days of punch cards and green bar paper, does not mean there aren't other ways to do things. In this talk, Vixie will describe the 'waterfall computing' approach taken at Farsight, which is used to produce everything from Newly Observed Domains to DNSDB. The middleware used in all examples, NMSG, is unencumbered open source software, available on GitHub.
The narrow line between APT and common malware is shrinking: targeted attack players are snatching ideas from the other group. The fact that the attempt was less successful does not deny the fact that a symbiosis exists between the two distinct criminal groups, and ideas are floating in both directions.