Opening Keynote: INFOSEC: Fighting our way to a better tomorrow presented at ISSA 2015

by Dave Kennedy,

Summary : It seems that businesses are truly struggling with how to handle the threats we face as organizations when it comes to information security. From breach to breach, the techniques seem similar yet they completely rip through everything we’ve tried to protect against. As an industry, we’re fighting to define ourselves in a manner where we can actively combat the different demographics we see from attackers. This presentation will walk through what we face as organizations, both politically as well as an industry. Information security isn’t a technology problem – it’s a social issue. Until we recognize that, we will continue to see the continued breaches year after year as we continue to battle (and lose) the same types of attacks. There’s a lot of talk inside the industry on technical controls, products, adversarial simulation, and more for strengthening our defenses. These couldn’t be further away from what we really need to combat these types of attacks. This talk will also be demonstrating effective measures to combat some of the main techniques attackers use in order to attack an organization.