Cyber Risk Leadership – From the Backroom to the Boardroom: What everyone needs to know to survive presented at ISSA 2015

by Malcolm Harkins,

Summary : The biggest vulnerability we face today and in the future is the misperception of risk. A perfect storm of risk has been brewing for decades and has hit with full force the past few years. It has moved from a backroom issue to the boardroom and many have not been prepared. Many more still aren’t prepared. This discussion will be about cyber risk leadership discussing the two battlefields we face. The external one we all read about in the press as well as the internal one which we don’t hear much about. We will explore what it takes to be a hero or heroine to navigate these battlefields and survive. We will discuss ways to communicate risks so that the c-suite can comprehend cyber risks not from the doom and gloom that many in the security industry so readily create to scare people in to purchases but in the context of the enterprise risk and the top 10 universal business risks. We will also discuss what everyone needs to look for in security solutions to ensure they meet the “hero or herioine” status that is required to achieve your business goals. The lessons from this session will allow you to note only protect to enable but survive and thrive.