Digital Evidence Preservation and Monitoring of Social Networking Sites presented at ISSA 2015

by Julie Lewis,

Summary : According to Nielsen, internet users continue to spend more time with social media sites than any other type of site. At the same time, the total time spent on social media in the U.S. across PC and mobile devices increased by 37 percent to 121 billion miniutes in July 2012 compared to 88 billion minutes in July 2011. Many technology thought leaders believe social networking will displace traditional email as the leading communication medium. This session will provide a practical walkthrough of preservation and monitoring of top social media sites and how to effectively utilize tools for evidentiary collection.
Session Objectives
With the continued explosion of social networking and use across both businesses and consumers, it is imperative that e-discovery professionals and computer forensics examiners understand the most optimal commercially available tools for data preservation and monitoring. A key objective of this session is to understand what other types of communication may be available to an examiner outside of the data that resides on the laptop or desktop of a computer being analyzed.
This session will focus on the social networking and blog sites that have the leading market share and strengths and drawbacks of different approaches of data collection. The importance of privacy and redactions will be discussed in data collections as laws continue to catch up with emerging technologies.