Trash Robotic Router Platform, Reloaded presented at NuitDuHack 2015

by David Meléndez,

Summary : Building a drone is a challenging business. Even more if you want to build it with almost spare parts and SOHO hardware. To accomplish this journey, a Linux embedded stability control system is developed entirely from scratch. In the presentation, David Melendez will show this journey starting from the hardware choosing (a home WIFI router), to a stable and real flight. Unconventional implementations is one of the topics about this presentation, like using WiFi as communication between drone and pilot, HTML5 and COMET to show telemetry from the router web server, and implementing a entirely new protocol based on 802.11 Beacon Frames to prevent deauth attacks to access point, taking care about all problems involving spoofing and "man in the middle" threats, making this way, a side channel apart of conventional WiFi communications.
The audience is anyone interested in drones and how can be implemented from scratch using almost entirely a embedded linux system, taking advantage of a very affordable hardware. Topics such as real-time scheduling, PID control systems, signal filters, telemetry via AJAX/COMET and hardware hacking like I2C bitbanging. Audience interested in WiFi security will appreciate a full custom implementation of a side channel communication between pilot and drone using 802.11 beacon frames, and how can transport encrypted data in their payload avoiding all WiFi attack types.