Why State-sponsored Malware is Interesting presented at PHDays 2015

by Alexander Gostev, Vitaly Kamluk,

Summary : Over the past few years, the cyberspace has turned into a battleground for spooks and security companies. Why is it becoming easier and faster to catch 0-day packed-deeply hidden-stealthy “implants”? Why is it a capital mistake to use the same Trojan to infect both terrorists and Merkel’s aide? What makes these implants so interesting from a researcher’s point of view?Alexander Gostev is the chief security expert at Kaspersky Lab. In 1994, he got interested in antivirus technologies when an antivirus program was first set up in a company he worked at that time. Having founded the Antivirus Center of Komi Republic in 1996, he started publishing data on new viruses detected. He also was a coordinator of the project "WildList Russia" launched in 1998. In 2002 he joined Kaspersky Lab as a virus analyst.
Vitaly Kamluk graduated from Belarusian State University, the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics; joined Kaspersky Lab in 2005 as an infrastructure services developer. In 2008, he was promoted to a senior antivirus expert and then to the Director of the EEMEA Research Center in 2009. He specializes in threats focusing on global network infrastructures, malware reverse engineering and cybercrime investigations. Alexander Gostev Alexander Gostev, Vitaly Kamluk