Game-Based Learning, Collateral Learning, and Beyond presented at 3GSE 2015

by Lee Sheldon,

Summary : Instructors today, whether academic, government or corporate, are leaping on to the bandwagon of gamification with hopes high and eyes closed. Joining them onboard are those who use the techniques of last century’s corporate videos with branching choices and overt exams instead of the organic, embedded assessments of games, then rename their simulations as games. Badges and other extrinsic rewards, simply the gold stars of the digital era, are added indiscriminately to learning experiences, but do not magically transform them into good games. Game-based learning also does not mean blind faith in technology such as video games or social media clumsily shoehorned into a curriculum like a stepsister’s foot vainly squeezed into Cinderella’s slipper.