Federated Identity - Opportunities And Dangers presented at TROOPERS 2010

by Dominick Baier (thinktecture),

Summary : The world is moving towards a federated identity model. Public facing websites like Google or Facebook utilize technologies like OpenID, OAuth and WRAP to provide single-sign-on capabilities. Enterprises and ISVs start deploying WS-Federation, WS-Trust and SAML to federate with customers, partners and even internally. The goals are always the same: provide a more meaningful representation of "identity" for authentication, authorization and personalization. This talks sheds light on all these technologies, how they work and how to secure them.

Dominick Baier: Dominick Baier works as a security consultant at thinktecture (www.thinktecture.com). His main focus is security, identity and access control in distributed applications using the Microsoft technology stack. He's the author of "Writing more-secure ASP.NET Applications" (MS Press) and the security curriculum lead at Developmentor. You can find his blog at www.leastprivilege.com.