I’m A Newbie Yet I Can Hack ZigBee – Take Unauthorized Control Over ZigBee Devices presented at Defcon 2015

by Li Jun, Yang Qing,

Summary : With the advent of the Internet of Things,more and more objects are connected via various communication protocols like Bluetooth,Z-wave,WiFi , ZigBee etc. Among those protocols ZigBee accounts for the largest market share,it has been adapted to various applications like WSN(Wireless Sensor Network),Smart Home . Over the last few years, large amount of research has been conducted on the security of ZigBee. In this presentation we will introduce a new technique to beat the security of ZigBee, we found the “signature” of the location of the security key . We will go through a specific example and share the thinking process along the way. The techniques used throughout this example can be generalized and used by other hardware reverse engineers.