Hackers Hiring Hackers - How to Do Things Better presented at Defcon 2015

by Tottenkoph , Irishmasms ,

Summary : There are a lot of talks about how to be a better pen tester and workshops that show you how to use all of the cool new tools that are available to make our jobs easier, but there are only a few talks that address what some of us consider to be the hardest part of getting a job in security: the hiring process. The information security field is in desperate need of people with the technical skills hackers have to fill a myriad of roles within organizations across the world. However, both sides of the table are doing horribly when it comes to hiring and interviewing for work.
Organizations are doing poorly trying to communicate expectations for a job, there are people going to interviews without knowing how to showcase their (limited or vast) experience, and some people posture themselves so poorly that the hiring managers don’t think the candidates are really interested in the job. This talk takes the experiences of the speakers as both interviewers and interviewees as well as from others within the scene in order to help better prepare hackers to enter (or move within) “the industry” as well as let the people making hiring decisions know what they can do to get the people and experience they need for their teams.