NSA Playset: JTAG Implants presented at Defcon 2015

by Joe Fitz Patrick, Matt King,

Summary : While the NSA ANT team has been busy building the next generation spy toy catalog for the next leak, the NSA Playset team has been busy catching up with more open hardware implementations. GODSURGE is a bit of software that helps to persist malware into a system. It runs on the FLUXBABBIT hardware implant that connects to the depopulated JTAG header of certain models of Dell servers.
This talk will introduce SAVIORBURST, our own implementation of a jtag-based malware delivery firmware that will work hand-in-hand with SOLDERPEEK, our custom hardware design for a standalone JTAG attack device. We will demonstrate how to this pair enables the persistent compromise of an implanted system as well as release all the hardware and software necessary to port SAVIORBURST and SOLDERPEEK to your jtag-equipped target of choice. Anyone curious to know more about JTAG, regardless of previous hardware experience, will learn something from this talk.