HamSammich – long distance proxying over radio presented at Defcon 2015

by David Maynor, Robert Graham,

Summary : The ProxyHam talk was mysteriously canceled. However, it’s easy to replicate the talk from the press coverage. In this talk, we propose “HamSammich”, creating a point-to-point link in order to access WiFi from many miles away, as a means to avoid detection. We show how off-the-shelf devices can be configured to do this for less than $200. After demonstrating the working system, we’ll talk about radio signals. This includes both the FCC regulatory issues which may have caused the cancelation of the original talk, as well as signals-intelligence, and the practicalities of being detected and caught. Finally, we’ll talk about hiding signals with SDR, a more complicated and expensive technique, but one that hides better in the electromagnetic spectrum.
We’ll demonstrate not only a working system, but what the 900MHz spectrum looks like, and how to track down a working system.