DEF CON Comedy Inception: How many levels deep can we go? presented at Defcon 2015

by Dan Tentler, Chris Sistrunk, Larry “@haxorthematrix” Pesce, Amanda Berlin, Will Genovese, Chris Blow,

Summary : This year at DEF CON a former FAIL PANEL panelist attempts to keep the spirit alive by playing moderator. Less poetry, more roasting. A new cast of characters, more lulz, and no rules. Nothing is sacred, not the industry, not the audience, not even each other. Our cast of characters will bring you all sorts of technical fail, ROFLCOPTER to back it up. No waffles, but we have other tricks up our sleeve to punish, er, um, show love to our audience, all while raising money of the EFF and HFC. The FAIL PANEL may be dead, but the “giving” goes on.