One Device to Pwn Them All presented at Defcon 2015

by Phil Polstra,

Summary : This talk will present a device that can be used as a dropbox, remote hacking drone, hacking command console, USB writeblocker, USB Mass Storage device impersonator, or scripted USB HID device. The device is based on the BeagleBone Black, can be battery operated for several days, and is easily constructed for under $100.
The dropbox, remote hacking drone, and hacking command console functionality were presented at DEF CON 21. This talk will emphasize the new USB-based attack functionality. Topics will include injecting payloads by emulating an optionally write-protected USB mass storage device, rapidly executing commands on a target using the BeagleBone Black operating as a scripted USB HID device, USB mass storage device impersonation, and other attacks that can be performed with brief physical access to the target.
Some familiarity with Linux and USB devices would be helpful, but not required. All hardware and software to be discussed is 100% open source.