Machine vs. Machine: Inside DARPA’s Fully Automated CTF presented at Defcon 2015

by Jordan Wiens, Michael a Walker,

Summary : For 22 years, the best binary ninjas in the world have gathered at DEF CON to play the world’s most competitive Capture-the-Flag. At DEF CON 24, DARPA will challenge machines to play this game for the first time, with the winner taking home a $2 million prize. This talk will include a first public look at the machines, teams, technology, and visualization behind Cyber Grand Challenge. The technology: machines that discover bugs and build patches? We’re bringing our qualifier results to show just how real this is. The teams: we’ll talk about the finalists who prevailed to make it to the CGC final round. Visualization: the product of CTF players working with game designers, this talk will include a live interactive demo of a graphical debugger for everyone that will let an audience follow along in real time. The machines: we’re bringing high performance computing to the DEF CON stage. The event: In 2016, machines will Capture the Flag! Follow DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge on Twitter: #DARPACGC