Perspectives on Securing Cyberspace presented at SecuritySymposium 2015

by Deborah A. Frincke,

Summary : Cybersecurity research within the National Security Agency/Central Security Service Research Directorate is a complex, mission-driven effort that must take into account multiple perspectives from information assurance, intelligence, and U.S. Cyber Command. The Research Directorate’s efforts into securing cyberspace must provide scientific advantages for NSA’s major missions, protect civil liberties, and implement transparency and privacy protections.
There are numerous facets to the Research Directorate’s cybersecurity research including developing a security for IoT devices, building a basic science of security, and cyber resilience. Other research that ties into the cybersecurity space includes low-power computing, neuromorphic computing, visual analytics, and high-speed stream processing.
This talk will provide a high-level overview of the National Security Agency/Central Security Service Research Directorate, including a short discussion of the process of the intelligence analysis mission, and highlight some of the directorate’s current research projects in cybersecurity and related fields. As part of her “dive” into cybersecurity, Dr. Frincke will also discuss current challenges in cybersecurity.