OWASP & More - State of OWASP & OWASP Jeopardy! presented at AppSecUSA 2015

by Josh Sokol, Michael Coates, Jerry Hoff, Tobias Gondrom, Jim Manico,

Summary : OWASP is the largest applicat security non-profit organization in the world. We have over 200 chapters in over 100 countries around the world. Join us to find out current events from the OWASP Global Board of Directors and the OWASP Executive Director. In addition we'll have another session of the popular "OWASP Jeapordy!" hosted by Jerry Hoff!
(15 min) State of OWASP
- Tobias Gondrum, OWASP Chairman
- Paul Ritchie, OWASP Executive Director
(40 min) OWASP Jeapordy!
- Jerry Hoff