Cipher Text Says “MIID8zCCAtugAwIBAgIBAT” - Enterprise-wide SSL Automation w/Lemur + CloudCA presented at AppSecUSA 2015

by Kevin Glisson,

Summary : Cipher Text Says “MIID8zCCAtugAwIBAgIBAT” - Enterprise-wide SSL Automation w/Lemur + CloudCA
Contact - Kevin Glisson, Netflix,
At Netflix Security we try our best to enable developers by removing roadblocks and providing systems with “sane” defaults that keep everyone from shooting themselves in the foot. When dealing with SSL shooting yourself in the foot particularly important; self-signed, mismanaged or otherwise weak SSL certificates undermine SSL’s main purpose of providing confidentiality between systems.
How many times have you heard fellow engineers mutter “What openssl flag did I need again? -newkey? -newKey? rsa what?!” Lemur and CloudCA together provide a solution such that making and managing SSL certificates much easier for a normal developer. In both of these systems we guide developers toward making “good decisions” while enabling them to stand up SSL on more and more of their applications. More and stronger SSL?! Win!
Lemur and CloudCA are fully integrated with AWS. Lemur allows for certificate tracking of certificates already in AWS; uploading new CAs into AWS. Lemur event supports multiple AWS accounts!
This talk will focus on how Lemur + CloudCA helps Netflix increase and manage it’s use of SSL; how they enable developers and ultimately provide better security for Netflix as a whole.
Lemur and CloudCA are planned to be open sourced in Q2 of 2015.
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