Hacking The Future: Weaponizing The Next Generation presented at Notacon 7

by Leigh ( Hypatiadotca ) Honeywell, Tiffany Rad, James Arlen (Fortune 500 Financial), Jillian Loslo,

Summary : Join this panel of experts who will discuss, debate, enlighten, and do battle on the topic of Hacker Parenting. From a multitude of viewpoints - paternal, maternal, fictive aunt and victim - the methodologies and techniques of applying the hacker mindset to parenting will be discussed. It is expected that the audience will participate as this topic is one on which everyone has an opinion. Maybe it's possible to do great work and develop a generation of people primed to hack the planet and take over.

James Arlen: James Arlen, CISA, is a security consultant most recently engaged as the CISO of a mid-market publicly traded financial institution. He has been involved with implementing a practical level of information security in Fortune 500, TSE 100, and major public-sector corporations for more than a decade. James has a recurring column on Liquidmatrix Security Digest. His areas of interest include organizational change, social engineering, blinky lights and shiny things.

Jillian Loslo: Jillian Loslo is a full-time college student, part-time everything else currently working on pulling the eject handle and going from mid-western all-american girl to globe-trotting sophisticated executive in 6.1625 semesters. When she's not telling you how to make your kids awesome, she's clicking on random facebook crap and noodling on how to take over the world.