Hacking Your Car: Reverse Engineering Protocols, Legalities And The Right To Repair Act presented at Notacon 7

by Tiffany Rad,

Summary : Car sales are declining and now service on your old car is what's keeping large car manufacturers afloat. When your car needs service, it's becoming difficult for non-dealer car repair garages to compete with the computers used by licensed dealers. If you do the repair work yourself, it's likely that you will have to break encryption thus triggering a DMCA anti-circumvention provision or you'll have to do laborious reverse engineering of the car's computer protocols. However, with the Right to Repair Act being currently debated and hotly contested by car manufacturer lobbyists, you might have a choice with aftermarket car computer diagnostic computers without having to take your car to a licensed dealer. This talk will analyze the intellectual property ownership of car computers, anti-circumvention measures of the DMCA, how to circumvent or break the encryption legally and how the Right to Repair Act will change how you fix your car.