TrustZone on the USB armory (2 hours) presented at HackLu 2015

by Andrea Barisani, Daniele Bianco,

Summary : The workshop aims to introduce the fine details of the Freescale i.MX53 TrustZone implementation, the SoC employed in the USB armory.
The ARM(R) TrustZone(R) technology, in contrast to traditional TPMs, allows developers to engineer custom trusted platform modules by enforcing domain separation, between the “secure” and “normal” worlds, that propagates throughout System on a Chip (SoC) components, and therefore not only limited to the CPU core.
The class leverages on the native TrustZone(R) support provided by the USB armory ( SoC to cover its theory, implementation, security evaluation and applications.
Additionally the additional security features of the USB armory, such as Secure Boot and the INTERLOCK tool, will be explored in detail.