No one is coming to save us. We are all the Cavalry presented at SourceDublin 2015

by Claus Cramon Houmann,

Summary : All systems fail; there is no system without flaw. Each connection and dependency exposes the flaws to potential accidents and adversaries, resulting in system failure. Unknown flaws represent potential risks to public safety and human lives. Security research explores new systems reveal these flaws. But research alone does not deliver safer systems.
Recent stunt hacks have left us with a hangover. As the media hype dies down, the publicity bubble is replaced by a vacuum that calls for action. In the absence of a clear, technically literate direction, this vacuum is exposed to opportunists with an agenda, push a product, or perpetuate the situation. That is not the result this research deserves.
This presentation will pick up where most security research leaves off, and sketch a roadmap to resolution. We consider the road forward to be our group of volunteers, "I am the Cavalry", working together to promote and encourage not repeating the same mistakes that we've been making in enterprise security the last 30 odd years. I am the Cavalry is about collaboration between researchers, thinkers, lawyers, lawmakers and vendors/producers of connected devices to make devices worthy of our trust
This could be done as a lecture, as a discussion group or as a workshop, whichever fits best into the agenda. As an interactive session, there would be a focus on identifying how I am the Cavalry can best interact with Europe as a whole and finding ways to move forward from the current status of our efforts.