Dance Band on the Titanic: The Data Loss Iceberg Principle presented at SourceDublin 2015

by Richard Hollis,

Summary : What if everything we’re doing to secure our data is for naught? Have you stopped and thought that perhaps this data has already been compromised and the efforts we continually make to protect it are - too little too late?
This presentation explores the idea that the vast majority of the sensitive data processed stored and transmitted every day by governments, NGO’s, businesses and private individuals has already been breached and we are wasting our time and money trying to protect it. Are the information technology systems we currently use even capable of this role?
The presentation compares the data losses publicly acknowledged to date through mandatory disclosure laws against the widely held principle that they are only a small percentage of the actually losses incurred. If this is true then a new security paradigm is required but what would this look like?
The presentation considers unconventional approaches but its primary objective is to engage the audience to think through the actual premise, challenge their understanding of the current state of information security and perhaps consider alternative ideas.