PANEL 1: The Relationship between Cyber Security and The C-Suite & The Boardroom presented at CyberSummitUSAboston 2015

by Effective Directors, Other Cisos/csos,

Summary : Due to the increase in sophistication & frequency of data breaches, there is a necessity for pro-active and continuous engagement between the board, senior management and the CISO/CSO. Corporate proprietary data and/or highly confidential information is constantly at risk. Knowing a company’s current cyber security strategy and its future plans on how best to close discovered gaps is nearly as important as knowing the organization’s financial health.
As a result, there must be an alignment of interests among those who face direct civil (C-Suites & Board Members) liability for failure to supervise and implement the proper Cyber Security precautions within their organization. This panel will discuss the ever-growing critical relationship and its importance to minimize potential damage to their brand’s reputation and/or face regulatory fines and punishment for not properly safeguarding the company’s critical assets.
Paul Roberts, Junaid Islam, Jodie Kelley, Corey Lancaster, Jim Penrose, Marty Ward,