PANEL 2: The True Costs to a Company’s Brand / Reputation after a Cyber Attack and the importance of Cyber Security Insurance and an Incident Response Plan & Team. presented at CyberSummitUSAboston 2015

by Market Businesses.,

Summary : A wide variety of industries including healthcare, banking, retail and entertainment have fallen victim to the non-stop breach activity over the last few years.
The US State Dept., Sony, JPMorgan Chase, Target, Home Depot and Anthem have all experienced massive, negative fallout from their incidents.
The end results from cyber security attacks like these include financial loss, negative press & media attention, legal action & lawsuits, senior level management terminations, brand damage and potential demise of the corporation.
This discussion will cover the known, the immeasurable and the unknown costs associated with a data breach or cyber related incident. In addition, this panel will focus on the critical importance of having a written & battle-tested IRP (Incident Response Plan) along with a capable IRT (Incident Response Team) in place if a cyber attack occurs. Cyber insurance or “tailored” legal / consulting advice is used in controlling and potentially reducing liability costs.
Tom Resau, Shawn K. Dorsey, Paul Fletcher, Roberto Medrano, Garin Pace, Kevin Peterson,