PANEL 3: Corporate Espionage and Insider Threat – Monitoring Outlier Behavior that Indicates Malicious Intent presented at CyberSummitUSAboston 2015

by Rohyt Belani, Cody Pierce, Ryan Naraine, Phil Hagen, Ferenc Sipos, Doris Yang,

Summary : Insider threat has been synonymous of late with terms such as breach, data leakage and a host of cyber security implications often aimed at the consumer. While personnel files, social security numbers, credit cards, and PII are often the target of attacks, corporations are now watching much more! What happens when a fast riser or even an uninspired employee decides to go to a competitor or launch his or her own endeavor? What data, clients or even personnel are they exfiltration on the way out? How would you know? There are many identifiers and triggers that often go undetected. Insiders know how to go unnoticed (slow and low), just as malware finds its way through layers and layers of defenses. How do we defend against corporate espionage? What are the implications? What are the signs?