From zero to secure in 1 minute presented at OWASPAppSecIsrael 2015

by Moshe Ferber,

Summary : Companies moving to cloud infrastructure (IaaS) discover that they can do amazing things with the automation of infrastructure tasks. Companies can deploy environments in seconds and do production changes several times a day - but security still holds them down. Many of our security procedures have not adopted to cloud automation and still relay on traditional maintenance windows and manual tasks such as static / dynamic analysis, vulnerability scans, hardening and more. And this is a major obstacle in a world where cloud instance can be installed, configured moved to production and terminate within an hour. So security must to adopt to this new accelerated life cycle and change accordingly. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how to automate creation of instances, generating and safeguarding encryption keys, do configuration management and security scans and automatically process the results and take decisions accordingly. The result is cloud instances that are launched and configured with security requirements in automated way within minutes. Implementing the techniques and tools shown can help organizations to overcome security challenges and make sure that security is not the bottleneck on the way to faster applications deployments.