T6 “Dissecting Cryptowall” presented at RochesterSecuritySummit 2015

by Nick Bilogorskiy,

Summary : Cryptowall has gone beyond a nuisance for home users to become a significant risk for enterprise users. Recently, there has been an increase of Cryptowall activity in the wild that has been tied to the Hacking Team compromise and the zero-day Adobe Flash exploit that was leaked in the Hacking Team archives – CVE-2015-5119. Even though it was just patched by Adobe, it has already been incorporated into various exploit kits, including Angler, Magnitude, Nuclear and Neutrino. Join Nick Bilogorskiy, Director of Malware Research, as he explains the inner working of Cryptowall. We’ll step through a short history of Cryptowall and provide an inside look at the tell-tale signs that indicate you might be harboring ransomware.