B8 “Moving from Breach Prevention to Breach Acceptance” presented at RochesterSecuritySummit 2015

by Alex Hanway,

Summary : The very foundation of data security is evolving. It’s no longer about “keeping the bad guys out and letting the good guys in” through breach prevention. This legacy approach isn’t practical given the demands businesses are placing on their data. More and more organizations are accepting the fact that despite their best efforts security breaches are unavoidable.
Secure the Breach:
The first step in addressing this reality is focusing on the data itself. Since not all data is created equal, this means identifying, encrypting and controlling your most sensitive and high-value data assets.
The second step is understanding where the data lives -essentially, its point of creation. By applying embedded or encrypted protection at this crucial point you ensure that the data is protected throughout its lifecycle and in all environments—from the data center to the cloud.
The end result is a Secure Breach environment where perimeter breaches have no actual impact on the encrypted data itself. In other words, data protection that works.