SG2 “Threat Intelligence and its Role in Your Overall Security Strategy” presented at RochesterSecuritySummit 2015

by John Collins,

Summary : A rapidly evolving threat landscape is being driven by a growing sophistication among attackers. As a result, Healthcare organizations must move closer to the threat they face and marshal change in their operations to move ‘in lock-step’ with attackers that pose a direct and credible threat to their operations and reputations. Threat intelligence provides the visibility into threats brewing across the Internet beyond the network edge – closing the gap between what organizations can see today and where these actors reside.
In this session, John Collins, Senior Security Advisor for Dell SecureWorks will discuss the challenges ahead for healthcare organizations and how focused Threat Intelligence has a key role to play. The session will discuss why a threat intelligence capability is so critical, share insights into specific threat vectors and how threat intelligence played a direct role in countering threats.
Topics covered:
How the threat landscape is evolving and driving new approaches for security organizations to counter the threat
Why threat intelligence must become a key element of security operations going forward
Show how threat intelligence can counter the threat posed to organizations