SG7 “Minimizing Risk Through Vulnerability Management” presented at RochesterSecuritySummit 2015

by Mark Lucas,

Summary : The duties of Corporate Risk Managers have become more complex and critical to a company’s well-being, as they are responsible for monitoring and maintaining a safe network environment. This requires ‘daily hands-on’ involvement with the executive staff and all corporate elements. Risk Managers can no longer accept the “trust me” response from corporate departments regarding their security policies.
This responsibility requires that the Risk Manager must possess the knowledge, experience, and rapid access to integrate and reinforce administrative (policy, procedures, personnel) and physical security. They need to be empowered to include computer system risk, threat, vulnerability assessment, as well as reporting, in performance of their duties.
Topics discussed in this session include:
A risk manager’s increased responsibilities to maintain security
The need to have greater access to tools for assessing and protecting networks
The options available for providing real-time coverage and assessment
Perspectives on the horizon to stay ahead of the curve for limiting vulnerabilities within network infrastructure.