SD4 “Next-Generation Firewall Architecture – Can a NGFW Really Help?” presented at RochesterSecuritySummit 2015

by Patrick Zanella,

Summary : With the advent of IT organizations growing smaller and smaller, yet expected to be 100% successful in their delivery, there is a new desire for security solutions to be consolidated behind a single pane of glass and a streamlined method to generate improved reporting. Along with IPS, firewall providers have enhanced their solutions to include a single pane management capability and additional security capabilities such as Application and URL Controls, Threat Prevention, Anti-Virus, Anti-Bot, Data Leak Prevention (DLP) and Data Governance/Compliance. With the additional need today for even more secure communications across the Internet, these new Next-Generation Firewalls also need to be able to decrypt this secure communication channel to correctly enforce based on the corporate security policy. Ultimately in an era when security is gaining more focus due to recent breaches, it’s critical for visibility and the protection of the environment for the Next-Generation Firewall to provide this type of functionality. Without it the organization is left partially blind to the type of activities their end users are engaging in while at work. As providers have unique approaches to the single pane strategy encompassing both strengths and weaknesses, Zensar will also discuss what features and components organizations should consider when heading down the path of consolidating security services and considering a Next Generation Firewall.