DNS AS A DEFENSE VECTOR presented at Ruxcon 2015

by Paul A. Vixie,

Summary : DNS enables everything else on the Internet -- both good and bad. By watching what bad guys do with their DNS configurations and offering them differentiated (that is to say, poor) service, defenders can re-level the playing field in our favour. In this one-hour talk, Dr. Paul Vixie, CEO of Farsight Security, will explain what DNSSEC and TSIG (Secure DNS and Transaction Signatures) are and why you might want them, explain what RRL and RPZ (Response Rate Limiting and Response Policy Zones) do and why you absolutely do want them, then demonstrate SIE (the Security Information Exchange) which collects data from cooperating sensors all over the Internet and shares this telemetry with qualified non-profit and for-profit researchers. If there's enough time there will also be a demonstration of DNSDB, a passive DNS database. (Otherwise that demo will occur in the hotel bar area later on.)