Keynote presented at t2 2015

by Morgan Marquis-boire,

Summary : It's a keynote.
Morgan Marquis-Boire is a Senior Researcher at the Citizen Lab, University of Toronto. He is the Director of Security for First Look Media and a contributing writer for The Intercept. Prior to this, he worked on the security team at Google. He is a Special Advisor to the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco and an Advisor to the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute.
In addition to this, he serves as a member of the Freedom of the Press Foundation advisory board and as an advisor to Amnesty International. He has lectured on security, surveillance, and nation-state espionage at Universities around the world including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Toronto, and the University of Milan.
His research has been featured in numerous print and online publications. In 2012, SC Magazine gave him an honorable mention as one of the influential minds of IT Security. He was named as one of Italian WIRED's 50 people of 2014. In March of 2015 he was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.