LTE (in) Security presented at t2 2015

by Ravishankar Borgaonkar, Altaf Shaik,

Summary : Most of the traditional IMSI catcher attacks would not work against LTE (4G) mobile phones. This is due to the fact that LTE is more secure than old generations technologies. In this talk, we build an IMSI catcher to investigate LTE security mechanisms in practice and show how popular smartphones fail during a live demo. In addition, we discuss common LTE configurational mistakes of mobile network operators and smartphone vendors that allow IMSI catcher type of attacks.
Ravishankar works as a Senior Researcher at Aalto University and ICRI-SC. His research themes are related to mobile telecommunication and involved security threats. This ranges from GSM/UMTS/LTE network security to end-user device security.
Altaf works as a PhD student in Security in the Telecommunications Department at Technical University Berlin. Altaf is interested in network and protocol security.