WHAT GOT US HERE WONT GET US THERE presented at BlackHatEU 2015

by Haroon Meer,

Summary : It's no secret that we have huge challenges in InfoSec: Every day we seem to pump out more code, connect more machines, and collect more data than ever before. Malicious actors have been making out like bandits and intelligence agencies have been owning (and pre-owning) the planet while your average large-company InfoSec team is still struggling with problems that we "knew about" in the 90's.
This is not for a lack of effort: Security teams are bigger, security budgets are larger, and there is a security conference going on for almost every day of the year.
Lots of the fault here lies squarely with us.
This talk will discuss the problems we should be tackling, (the distractions we should be ignoring,) and then, riffing on the Marshall Goldsmith best seller (What Got You Here Won't Get You There) will aim to explore those activities that we are currently engaged in (as individuals and an industry) that are doing us all more harm than good.