Defending your cloud workloads against the next zero-day vulnerability presented at CSAsummit 2015

by Jason Dablow,

Summary : When serious vulnerabilities like Shellshock or Heartbleed are found, you know you should respond quickly. But when you’re juggling many priorities, and are more comfortable developing apps than security policies, emergency updates may fall to the bottom of the list. Is there a better way to protect your workloads, without a lot of work? In AWS, you approach everything in your infrastructure as an API. If you take the same approach to security, you can automate protection for zero-day vulnerabilities, without impacting agility or architecture flexibility.
In this session, we’ll show you how to use AWS security groups, virtual private networks, and security capabilities like intrusion detection and prevention to defend what you put in the cloud. We will use the recent Shellshock vulnerability as a real-world threat scenario and walk you through how to combine AWS features and workload-aware security controls to prevent hackers from exploiting similar zero-day threats. Learn simple, easy to deploy security tools and techniques to protect workloads – that don't require a PhD in cyber security.