Indecision and Malformed Conclusions: The things that stifle security improvement and what can be done about them. presented at BsidesColombus 2016

by Tyler Smith,

Summary : I often see various forms of dysfunction that have a negative impact on project execution and outcomes. Some of the things I see are incorrect information about technology or security, poor vendor management, poor solution choice, or a combination of these and other things. It's already a challenge to secure the modern company's technology and meet the business need without injecting dysfunction into the mix. What is disturbing is how many of these issues are unnoticed, or worse some are seen as the way things have to be done. The pace that security changes happens at is easily outstripping the pace at which companies take action or update systems. Combating these issues begins with being able to recognize them when they occur. This will be a great talk for any level of practitioner and one where attendees are strongly encouraged to participate and share their insights.