This Message Will Self-Destruct in 10 Seconds: Avoiding Bilateral Enucleation presented at Shmoocon 2016

by 3alarmlampscooter ,

Summary : Are you a Bond villain, whistle-blower, clandestine operative, secret courier, paranoid schizophrenic or generally sketchy character who wants the ability to make your data go up in a puff of smoke at the drop of a hat when the bad guys close in? This talk will focus on implementing practical, low cost, and not entirely unsafe mobile data destruction solutions for your hopefully imaginary needs. Going beyond Shane Lawson, Bruce Potter, and Deviant Ollam’s 3U rackmount requirements from DEFCON 19 for obliterating hard drives and building on zoz’s work presented at DEFCON 23, the objective of destructive focus shifts from hard drives to NAND flash with a strong focus on minimizing and containing reactive reagents likely to cause irreparable ocular mutilation by utilizing the latest high performance composites from the construction trades in an ultra-compact form factor. If that isn’t enough fancy buzzwords for you, I’ll throw in a free mission-critical stovepipe for one lucky attendee!
3AlarmLampscooter is an enigmatic armored mammal of the genus homo sapiens sapiens sapiens troglodytae found in caves and tunnels across the southeastern United States. As moderator of /r/Neutron, 3AlarmLampscooter’s activites include making lame physics jokes, *not* importing tritium in instant coffee bags from Thailand for DEFCON 23 Black Badges, developing 3D printed construction materials, and advocating transhumanism.