The Age of Cyber Threats presented at Nullcon 2016

by Anudeep Kumar, Ajitest Roy Chowdhury,

Summary : From the first amateur hackers in the 80s (e.g. The Brain) till 2016 when international cyber sabotage is a reality (e.g. Stuxnet), cyber threats evolution has illustrated the frightening potential of human ingenuity. In last few years Cyber Crime rate has touched new heights and the current measures of protection are simply not enough. The attacks have become so sophisticated that we are now well and truly living in an Age of Cyber Threats. And the only way to survive it, is better awareness & understanding of cyber threats & advanced malware.
This workshop is aimed at imparting basic knowledge of advanced cyber threats, which use sophisticated malware. We will cover following aspects of some advanced malware that have been used in recent cyber-attacks:
Detailed working through code snippets
The way users were infected
Spreading mechanisms
Kind of vulnerabilities that were exposed
This will be an interactive session full of related puzzles / questions (and some giftsJ). So join us to have some fun while improving your knowledge of cyber threats