The Best Campfire Tales that Reverse Engineers Tell presented at BsidesKnoxville 2016

by Travis Goodspeed,

Summary : At a conference, I don't much give a damn what the target was or how big the pwnage was; I watch talks for the clever tricks that the presenters used to get their results. This lecture is just the best tricks from a dozen or more projects, the techniques that we reverse engineers share over drinks and next to campfires.
So gather round, children, and I'll teach you how to distinguish code and data pointers at a glance on the Thumb architecture. I'll teach you how easy it is to write an X86 bootloader, and ways to write an exploit blind, without already having the code of your target. Some of these tricks are easy, some of them are advanced, but all of them are clever and one or two just might be the missing piece to your next reverse engineering project.